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This is the advanced feature of cookie consent plugin. You can show the checkboxes which will allow the user to choose cookie types. Based on the selection, you can inject the necessary scripts in the of your document/index.html. Read the documentation for more information.

Cookie Notice Pro allows you to inject Analytics(eg: Google Analytics Script), Preferences(eg: Language, Remember Passwords, etc) or Marketing(eg: Google Adwords cookie, DoubleClick, Remarketing pixels) related cookies only if user accepts the preferences. Once the user accepts the preferences, the scripts in head of document will work.

Example: Change below selection to true, then click gear icon in the popup banner and check preferences then click accept.

Withdraw Consent


Cookie Notice Pro provides various methods to interact with the plugin more effectively. One of them is cookieNoticePro.reinit(); It is used to re-initialize the plugin. It re-opens the popup banner with previously accepted preferences. It can be used for withdrawal of a particular type(analytics,marketing,etc) of consent or accepting a new preference item in menu.

Plugin Features

Integrating it into your website is super easy
Some features are listed below


A light-weight jQuery plugin which does not affect the loading speed of your website

Dark/Light Mode Theme

Toggle between light/dark mode easily as per your the requirements of your website

Show OR Hide Elements

Hide or show any buttons, change texts, choose display position as per requirements

Options to opt in/out

(Optional Feature) Shows various cookie types & information to users to opt in/out as per their consent

Allow Necessary Cookies

Select which cookies are strictly necessary (functional) for your website to work properly

Consent Withdrawal

Methods available to re-open the cookie consent plugin banner to opt in or out at any time on any page

Inject Scripts

(Optional Feature) Inject Scripts in the HEAD the moment user provides consent or accepts

Browser Support

This plugin supports all the major web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, FireFox, Edge including IE10+